Pumpkin Carving

We have been carving pumpkins as we ‘re away for the rest of the week, so decided to do them early and enjoy their glow before we go.


I love this activity.? I don’t have any children yet, so this was just myself and Pete carving these, but we had fun doing it.? It’s something I do every year and have done since I was very young.


Pete went for a quirky expression for his pumpkin face.? It looks quizzically confused (which apparently is a face I make quite often).


I’m a bit of a pumpkin traditionalist so went for my usual creepy face.? However, in this phot it looks a bit like an angry parrot ha ha.


And here’s the finished result!? I used two tealight candles in each as they are quite big pumpkins.? We now get to enjoy a few evenings lit like this before we head off for our relaxing break.? I love how these turned out.