Today is sunny. And warm. And all the things I long for. And I think I should be going for a long walk or going out for the day and arranging to meet friends or do something fun and interactive.

Social media tells me I should be enjoying this day to the fullest in order to be enjoying it properly.

What I want to do is to lie on the grass and read my book. To simply lay in the sun and soak it in. With some relaxing music and my yoga mat for extra comfort. I want to just stop and ?be? for a little while.

I feel like I?m failing for feeling like this. Like I?m wasting a day that should be full to the brim. That I?m letting myself down bu not finding active things to go and do in this beautiful weather. I make myself feel like a failure and a let down and then I just feel blue again….

But today I have given myself a stern talking to. I listen to all your kind words and words of encouragement to me and to others who are brought together through my work. I am allowed to just stop and enjoy ?being? for a while. I?m allowed to just lay in the sun and soak in it?s rays. I am allowed to be mindful and listen to the birds sing and @deyadova playing on my phone (thank you to @nurturingnovas for that sublime suggestion). I am allowed to. It is my choice to rest. I am allowed to rest.

So many days of my adult life I have questioned what I am doing and put pressure on myself that I am not spending the day as I should be. But what I ?should? be doing is listening to my body and mind and doing what is best for them.

And today, that is REST.