Roux : The Snail Whisperer

Snail Whisperers are vital to the snail world. They help the snails to grow big and strong by whispering to them to avoid anything poisonous, anyone?s vegetable garden and any salt.

They whisper to the snails to tell them when it?s time to hibernate (to miss the deathly frost) and when it?s time to wake back up (and enjoy the spring sun).

They also whisper to the snails…. a sort of song. The human ear can?t hear it, but the snails can and they dance a wonderful rain dance, late in to the summer nights. It?s a marvellous sight to see if you ever get the chance.

A mixed media, handmade art doll full of personality. 6.5? tall.
3 snails – 2 are fixed to the doll and 1 is removable and can be held in her hands.


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