These Ish are Rune-Ish, which means they sort of resemble traditional Runes. Runes have ancient power and can help in times of need. Gift a Rune-Ish to someone who needs a little magical help.

? Nauthiz : Inner strength

? Algiz : Protection

? Fehu : Luck

? Uruz : Physical Strength

They?re happy-ish.

They try to be happy all the time; they keep a smile on their faces as that?s what people prefer.

But sometimes they?re just not happy.

Sometimes they just feel low…. and that?s ok.

They?re happy-ish.


They also make perfect ring holders, to keep your treasures safe.
Essential oils can be dropped on to the underside to help ease your stresses.

If you buy the full set, they?ll also come with a Rune bag so you can carry them all around with you.

Ish are handmade, ceramic figures; glazed with a textured, antique effect. Each one is unique and no two will be identical. They measure roughly 1? tall and will arrive in a hand stamped gift bag.

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