Save the Earth

If you aren?t already following Greta Thunberg then make it the very next thing you do today. This young woman is representing those of us who love the earth and want animals and plants to survive human destruction. She?s our future. Support her and you support life.

It?s #earthday #earthday2019 today and if you follow my journey then you?ll know how much time I spend among nature. I walk every day and love nothing more than to be in a forest or on a beach, breathing in the fresh air, watching the animals in their habitats and marvelling at the treasures of Mother Earth.?

But it?s all going away. Bit by bit; too slowly for stupid politicians and people in power to even care to notice, but quickly enough to cause irreparable damage to this planet we call home.

So it?s time to stand up and fight back. It?s time for #change?

Stand by Greta and #davidattenborough and @thegreenparty and @wwf @wwf_uk and @extinctionrebellion and anyone else who supports the positive changes we need for our world.

We won?t get a second chance and there isn?t a back up Earth. This is it people. We need plants and animals. But they need us to understand that and to fix it before it?s too late.

@conservatives @uklabour @libdems YOU need to wake up and smell the pollution!!!! Fix it now! 🌎💚🌍💚🌏 #Earth #savetheearth #gretathunberg #istandwithgreta #standup #green #pollution #climatechange #climatestrike #climatechangeisreal #stopclimatechange #nature #naturephotography #motherearth #protectmotherearth #protectmothernature #savetheplanet #protecttheplanet #protecttheearth #future #thefutureisnow