Seedling Pillows!

You most probably haven’t seen my illustrations before (even though I have recently graduated with a degree in that field ha ha) but now you can own your very own, originally illustrated Seedling pillow!? Ohh Deer recently held a competition and decided to make all the entries available for a limited time as fully printed pillows.? The four most popular and best selling designs will stay on as permanent products in the online shop.? So if you like what you see, please do give it a like, spread the word and grab yourself one while they are available!?


I was sent a photo of one of my pillows that has arrived at its new home today.? I’m so pleased with how they turned out! Us artists won’t actually know how many we have each sold until the end of the week when the competition to be in the top four most popular finishes, so if you have purchased one I would love to see a photo of it in it’s new home.? Take a quick snap and send to

taylored curiosities cushion pillow design ohh deer

If you haven’t got one yet and would like one, you can buy them here and just generally like, tweet and spread the word.? The top four that get the most shares, likes and buys will stay on as permanent products in the Ohh Deer shop.? Thank you to each of you who supports my design in this!