‘Shimmer’ 2020

The lines are free and uninhibited and some areas are darker where the pigment pools and the paper warps.

There is a shimmer to this piece due to the remnants of the snail trail being caught in the pigments as they dry.

A shimmer of hope in a world of murky fear.

Between the Pandemic, Trump as president and the racism that is still clearly at play in this world, we need a shimmer of hope to help us get through.

How can we live in such a modern, ‘forward-thinking’ country and yet have a government who work in such a backwards way. A way that almost promotes racism and hate between the people who call the UK home.

We’ve been in lockdown for two months.

There is no end date to this.

Some families are embracing this time, this pause that we would never usually find in our busy lives, and enjoying walking, cycling, playing and making with their loved ones.

Others are stockpiling toilet rolls and pasta…..
Others are ignoring restrictions in order to spread hate…..
Others are not acting as functional parts of society.

We need a shimmer among this uncertainty.

It’s nothing like my previous work; the work of a control freak perfectionist who can’t cope if it doesn’t look a certain way.

This entire process is freeing me up as a person as well as my art.

My art journey has become a well-being one and these tiny Zen Masters are my guides.