‘Silent’ 2022

6 small works, created using an interaction with nature and my own homemade pigments and dust from organic matter. Together they create ‘SILENT’.

How often do we stay silent?
Sometimes we stay silent about our struggles. People see what they want to see. They’ll see you happy and strong even when you’re breaking.
We stay silent because we aren’t coping.
Or because we are overwhelmed.
Or maybe we simply can’t find the words.

Other times we choose silence because it’s what people want.
They don’t want to see our sadness or hear our heavy hearts.

They want to think we’re ok so they don’t have to think more about us.

They want to think we’re ok so that they don’t have to feel bad for not caring more about us, so that our sadness doesn’t ruin their day.

A lot can be said in silence. If we take the time to really listen.

These works were created in silence.