Some much needed fresh air

I have been really poorly with this horrible head virus thing that’s been going around.? I thought it would just go away on it’s own, but it ended up expanding in to sinusitis and knocking me for six.? I had to have some time off of work and I have been cocooned in my sleeping bag on the sofa waiting to feel better.

Today I do feel better and am finally going out for some fresh air.? Pete is taking me out for the afternoon to walk in the sunshine.


I adore old towns that have retained their old fashioned appearance.? These shop fronts are like something out of Diagon Alley.


There was a really cute little museum.? It was only two rooms in an old house, but it had some great items like these old poppets and tiles that used to adorn the buildings here.

IMG_7726 IMG_7725

Another thing I love is seeing nature take back the land.? I often see buildings sites where they have completely churned up the land that once was, yet a single poppy has thrust its way back through, sticking it’s tongue out to mankind.? Here I found an old, iron railing that has been reclaimed by nature.


I feel heaps better after sunshine and a walk.? But I am really tired now, so am returning home to rest.