Tea Bunnies: A work in progress

It’s nice to remind ourselves how lucky we are from time to time.? On my birthday (August the 1st) I was taken out for the day by my handsome partner in crime and we strolled along a beach that I had not been to before and found a gorgeous little tea shop full of vintage cups and saucers and offering a full array of herbal teas *heaven*.? It’s times like this I smile and realise how happy I am.? It’s also times like this I am inspired to create and it just so happened that inspiration hit me with a pot of tea in front of me.

This is how my seed of thought evolved…

TEA BUNNIES TEA taylored curiosities mint making designer toy inspiration work in progress

The Tea Bunnies!? This idea jumped in to my mind as I was describing myself as a tea bunny (I have no idea where that saying comes from) and I wondered what a tea bunny might actually look like.? I doodled and sketched until I had what I wanted.? Sculpted it into a 3D form and started casting today.? I have also been hand sewing fabric tea bags for them to go inside (complete with illustrated tea tags).

Mint will be the first release later this week.? There will be a release of 20 signed pieces and 4 matryoshka sets (these have 3 bunnies in 3 different sizes inside the teabags).

As you can see the minty shades vary as I am mixing the pigments as I go, so each batch is slightly different, but I think that adds to their individuality.? They also have little bums!? I couldn’t resist, they’re so cute.? And the biggest ones have freckly noses.? You can see them there, in the last photo, just after their bath.

I will show you the finished photos plus a shop link as soon as these are released.

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