Tea Bunnies: Mint Edition

Whilst recently enjoying a cup of green tea in a gorgeous little tea shop by the seaside, I described myself as a ‘tea bunny’.? Simply because I adore tea so much.? It got me thinking, what is a tea bunny?? The seed of inspiration was planted and here they are! Available here: http://tayloredcuriosities.bigcartel.com/product/tea-bunnies-mint-edition

These Tea Bunnies are of the mint variety (do not eat them, they are not food).? They are often known as the least ‘bunny-like’ bunnies of the world, due to their smaller ears and lack of fluffy tail.? But they have great personalities and don’t forget their freckly noses and cute little bums!

Tea bunnies are hand cast from my original sculpts.? I mix the pigments, so each batch varies ever so slightly.? This means there are a few different shades of mint and some have the odd swril or freckle of colour too; making each one completely unique.

They measure 1.5″ tall and each are signed, dated and numbered out of 15 limited pieces.

Each one nestles inside it’s own, hand sewn tea bag (completed with a mint tea tag).? They are then placed in clear gift bags and then brown gift bags, topped off with a tea bunny sticker.? The perfect gift wrap, ready to give to the tea bunny in your life.

tea bunnies mint taylored curiosities designer toy gift blue tea bag handmade protected

If you prefer a set of bunnies, you can get one of 4 limited matryoshka sets.? These come with three bunnies.? They measure:

Big 1.5″ tall
Medium 2.5 cm tall
Small 1.5 cm tall

Available here: http://tayloredcuriosities.bigcartel.com/product/matryoshka-tea-bunnies-mint-edition


Mix and match listings to create family sets.

These are little bunnies with BIG personalities.

tea bunnies mint taylored curiosities designer toy gift blue tea bag handmade protected FAMILY

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