The Beast of Rebirth

If you follow my journey on Instagram then you?ll know I?ve been experimenting with a larger ceramic piece for my Masters Degree. ?You?ll also know that the piece exploded in the kiln and I was about to throw the shards away when the rest of my study group talked me out of it.

Here is the finished piece (a lot of piecing back together and glueing later). ?The focus for this piece has been very much focused on organic textures.

Once it was re-built, I worked on my original designs and added the Snail Witch, her cauldron and a little Dragon Whelp. Again focusing on textures; wrinkly skin, feathery wings and potion ingredients.

?It is said that if you offer the Snail Witch the tastiest leaf, she will consider sharing her potion with you and gifting you with eternal youth…?