The Feelings: Monster Emotions

The Feelings are the personification of the emotions we humans struggle with on a daily basis.? Each Feeling represents a different, difficult emotion and acts as a talisman to help you remember you are not alone.

They follow on from my aromatherapy plush Worry dolls…

worry talisman taylored curiosities the feelings copyright protectedSome people are natural born worriers…I know I am.? But Worry doesn’t think we should spend all our time worrying.? So tell your problems to a Worry and they’ll do the worrying for you. Tiny heroes!


anxiety talisman taylored curiosities the feelings copyright protected

Let Anxiety worry and stress for you.? Tell them all your concerns and halve the problem.? Anxiety monsters eat anxieties so before you know it you’ll be feeling much more at peace internally.


fretfulnag talisman taylored curiosities the feelings copyright protected

A heavy feeling that won’t leave you alone. But look at that little face and remember, there’s nothing really bothering you its just your silly unconscious. Breathe.

lethargy talisman taylored curiosities the feelings copyright protected

Do you struggle with motivation?? Find it hard to start a project or get on with that housework?? Lethargy knows all about it!? Drink a big glass or water and do 20 star jumps.? Now try again to get going.? Lethargy is here to help you feel a little more mobile.

selfconscious talisman taylored curiosities the feelings copyright protected

We all have those days where we feel self-conscious and don’t feel like we really want anyone to see us.
Well Self-conscious has decided that today is a ‘stay under the blanket’ kind of day. Tell Self-conscious your concerns and let them deal with it all for you, while you go out and hold your head high.
I don’t think you’re ever too old to believe in magick and we think that maybe this blanket is a special ‘invisible’ one, so we might not be seen if we wear it…


Depression is the newest member of the Feelings family.

Some days are harder than others. You feel physically, mentally and emotionally overwhelmed, exhausted and under the weather. It?s as if the entire ocean is smothering you and you can?t breathe. Silent tears. Loud tears. Hurt. Sadness. Darkness.
The only thing you really want to do, is to curl up and disappear for a while…..

On those days, talk to your Depression talisman. Tell it how you feel. Off load. Even if you need to yell it at it, Depression won?t mind. It will sit, it will listen and it will understand. Because it has a bad day every day. And most importantly remember; you are not alone. Reach out.



The Feelings Design, story and images are fully copyright protected. 2009 ? Taylored Curiosities