The Feelings X Ohm Beads

For the past 8 months I have been keeping a super secret….. my Feelings characters are being transformed in to teeny, silver beads by the Ohm Beads company!!!!!

I don’t know how I’ve kept it so quiet. I’m beyond excited. Last year I sculpted a Worry, Fretful-nag, Self-Conscious and Anxiety and sent them off to be worked with. Each one was shrunk and magicked in to silver (I’m sure that’s how it was done).

This means that these beads are EXACTLY as per my hand sculpted design. Each one has the smallest TC logo on the back along with a silver hallmark.

Each bead has all the character of my Feeling talismans and will come in a gift box covered with my logos and with an insert booklet that explains what the Feeling type is, has an illustration drawn by me and tells you how this little totem can help aid your emotional distress.

As well as the single sets, you’ll be able to purchase a limited edition, full set that will be accompanied by one of four, exclusive colour Worry plush! Four colours have been made exclusively for the Ohm company and will only be available by purchasing the special set from them.


The official release of these sets is June 1st but you can pre-order now by contacting

You can also read the pre-release write up about these beads here?

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I love the orange combination with my beads. It really works!

And here’s the official photos ready for the website launch.

They’ll fit any bead bracelets if you already own a Pandora or other brand, they are compatible with them all. However, the Ohm bracelets are particularly lovely and the clasps are super easy to use and nicely designed.

Only 200 of these beautiful sets will be available!

The limited edition orange Worry’s are made by my normal manufacturers so are exactly the same as my traditional grey Worry’s but this colour is ONLY available from Ohm.

The beads are miniaturised versions of my handmade sculpts and feature 4 of my ‘Feelings’ characters.
The packaging was partially designed by me and the insert booklets have my original illustrations and character descriptions.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their wonderful comments with me and the Ohm family so far, it’s really humbling to hear how much these will help you. And to everyone who has pre-ordered sets already!

These are available to purchase directly from Ohm here:


The Feelings:Monster Emotions design, story and images are fully copyright protected. ? Taylored Curiosities