The Feelings

I have had many careers and jobs in my time, including studying Aromatherapy and Psychology as A-levels and working along side an Aromatherapist for some time in a local clinic.

The combination of these things and plush toys, led me to create ‘The Feelings’.? Aromatherapy Plush that each have their own personalities, emotional issues and scents.

The first was Worry (grey), who has anxiety issues and is scented with lavender which calms you when tense.? Then there was Poorly (green), who is always under the weather and is scented with menthol to help clear your sinuses.? Wired (orange) can’t relax, so rarely sleeps and is scented with chamomile to help you unwind.? Love (pink) is looking for that special someone and is scented with rose to help you feel blissful.? And Festive (red), who just wants it to be Christmas all year long and is scented with cinnamon and clove to help you feel warm and cozy.? Some of them are available with babies too.


worry taylored curiosities aromatherapy plush festive

poorly and wired aromatherapy plush taylored curiosities

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