The freshest of air

There’s something extra magickal about a forest when it’s raining. The smell of damp mud is quite possibly my favourite smell in the world.

We headed to the gym today and I did another high intensity 4.5k and plenty of arm work, but then I had a real urge to go out walking. So we did that too. My legs feel properly worked out and my lungs feel full of fresh air.

When you’re out exploring you should always remember to look up in case you miss beautiful birds or cheeky squirrels…

But also you need to look down so you don’t get attacked by ferocious beasts…

(Aka a floofy poodle.)

I’m feeling very happy with myself too as I cooked us a super healthy dinner! I combined chicken, salsa, green beans, kale, mushrooms and quinoa and it made a really tasty, crunchy salad. Yummy!

So all in all it was a healthy and fun day. And my Wish Dolls are selling well too. There’s only a couple left if you want one you’ll need to hurry up?

Aqua Zumba is on tomorrow’s agenda 🙂