The Mother of all Worry (Beans)

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Where did you think Worries came from? Everything starts somewhere. The mother of all worry beans is ready to produce a few newbies just for you. The mother figure is hollow and the three little beans can be hidden inside. A felt layer opens to reveal them. Three blue sodalite crystals are growing on her back. These aid with mental performance and insight.

Everyone worries, so these Worry Beans are ready to help you forget all about it; especially those of us who even worry about worrying.

1. Whisper your worry to your Worry Bean
2. Tap it on the head three times and spin in a clockwise circle
3. Enjoy your new worry free life!

Handmade, individual, clay worry bean art dolls with hand painted faces. The mother is 1.75? tall and the babies measure around 1cm.
No two sets will identical.

If you?re wondering how I?ve hidden the baby beans away then here?s the reveal. The Mother of all Worry Beans nestles them safely in her tummy. 💛

Packaged in a clear bag with header card, ready to gift.

Worry Beans design, story and images are fully copyright protected. ? Taylored Curiosities

Use #worrybeans if you share photos of your Worry Beans and tag me @tayloredcurios on instagram, so I can see all your amazing adventures!