‘The Shift’ 2021

Locked down again.

Christmas was cancelled.

We remain in isolation after being assured it was all behind us.

The news is dire and everyone is low.  Cases have risen again, the NHS is at breaking point, with flu being added into the mix. It will be a long and cold winter.

Warm baths, candlelight and good books are the way to survive this.

I read a book that makes me think. 

The shift began during the first lockdown, during my work with the snails, during my search for calm.

But the shift now fully takes hold.  I am changing and I am aware of this.  My priorities are shifting, my view is altering and I am becoming a new version of myself.  A calmer me, more at peace with the chaos and the uncontrollable.  I hold on to my mantra ‘I was never the problem’.  Something with more power to heal my heart than you may know.

I awaken, and I feel the Shift.