The Triangle Experiment

We provided our students with three strips of white paper.? Each was a very long triangle shape.? They had no idea what was going on and we simply asked them to twist and turn the paper into a shape and then staple in place.? That was it.? This was a brilliant mix up for them as some of them had reached a bit of a stale mate situation with their final year, portfolio work.? This had them questioning why they were doing it, but also switching off for a while and simply enjoying the activity.? They stepped outside of the box they had become stuck in and actually really enjoyed it.

The shapes they created were lovely.? I was really impressed with the results they all produced.? Once they each had three shapes, they combined them together or with others to create a larger and more intricate shape.



They will use these as a jumping off point for portfolio work and will create slightly different outcomes from these sculptures depending on where their personal portfolio work is heading and the materials they decide to use.

I am excited to see their outcomes from this project.