Tooth Fairie Worry Beans


Everyone worries, so these Worry Beans are ready to help you forget all about it; especially those of us who even worry about worrying.

Adopt these little creatures and let them set up camp with you.? Once in your home, they will rid you of all your worries, so you can focus on the positive things in life like rainbows, making cups of tea and finding a good film to watch.

1. Whisper your worry to your Worry Bean
2. Tap it on the head three times and spin in a clockwise circle
3. Enjoy your new worry free life!
tayloredcuriosities designer toy tooth fairies butterfly red wings pretty colour black white eyes magic sculpt original hand made uk 3

Tooth Fairie Worry Beans have an extra purpose in life.? Underneath the sculpt is a hole which a baby tooth can be placed in.? Hide your tooth there when it falls out and hopefully, when you wake up the next day, the tooth will have been collected!? I wonder what your tooth fairie leaves you?5

These are handmade from an original sculpt and hand painted.? Each one is adorned with beautiful pair of wings.? No two are alike as all their wings are different shapes, sizes and designs.? Body shades will vary.

These come in clear bags with header cards and measure 1.5″ tall.

100% handmade in the UK.

*Please DO add the insured shipping item to your basket too if you struggle with receiving post, as I cannot replace or refund anything that isn’t sent via insured post*

Worry Beans design, story and images are fully copyright protected. ? Taylored Curiosities

Use #worrybeans if you share photos of your Worry Beans and tag me @tayloredcurios on instagram, so I can see all your amazing adventures!