ToyCon is nearly here!

Well, we’ve been beavering away for the last few months and it is nearly the big day.? In just two and a half weeks, thirty artists will be at York Hall in London for the third ToyCon UK show.? It’s an amazing event and you musn’t miss it if you are anywhere near there that day (you can get tickets here:

Here’s a line up of what I will have available on the day:

taylored curiosities toycon uk 2015 designer toy show art artistry mixed media original handmade uk netherknowle worrybeans moon seedling okemordyn blindbox

Two Netherknowle Broods, Five Moon Seedlings (a collaboration with Sergey Safronov), some one of a kind mixed media pieces, Worry Beans: Curious Cupules, Nurturing Nodules, Bashful Buds and three different coloured Easter Bunny sets (all complete with tipis and badges), A Netherknowle Adventuring Set (the last one of its kind), A terrarium and some blind box toys (each box has a creature, food bowl and collectors booklet and maybe a baby if you’re lucky).

All items are either handmade original sculpts or cast from original sculpts and hand painted.

I can’t wait to see you all on the day!? There will be a surprise debut of a Spriggledop nest set (yet to be revealed) so watch this space for more info on those.? Bring your purses and wallets and come have a wonderful time, staring at art and purchasing new things for your collections!


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