Miniature Worlds

Miniature Worlds is a glimpse in to some of the tinier habitats we see around us.? I am obsessed with teeny creatures and the micro habitats they live in (as I am sure you all know) and I decided to create some of my own.


Starting with…Tree Sprites (obviously).

Tree Sprites love a tea party (especially if there’s cake) and they’ve prepared one just for you.? Will you pop by for a cup of root tea?

The inspiration for these sets is a plush design that I created 4 years ago.? With a little stylising to fit my evolved way of working, I have transformed them in to sculpted art toys.? Each set comes with two tree sprites, a picnic table with teeny tea and cake and a tree stump house for them to live in.? These are entirely hand sculpted, cast and painted and at this scale, you can imagine the time they take to create from start to finish.

Tree Sprite sets are available here:


The second design was based on another old plush toy… Jamlings.

Jamlings love breakfast time.? Give them a toasted crumb and they’ll love you forever!

These sets are made from upcycled glass jars with clay work in them (making each one a bit different).? A strawberry jamling and a fresh strawberry are hidden inside and the labels are handmade to complete.

Each set includes:

A jam jar (completed with handmade label) 3″ tall x 3″ wide
A strawberry Jamling 0.8″ tall
And a strawberry 0.5″ tall

All items are hand sculpted, cast and painted with lots of accents to give them an organic feel.? Sets are signed and dated.

Jamling sets are available here:


I then decided to create a miniature world based on my childhood.? ‘A Day at the Seaside’ is all the things I grew up with in this seaside town.? The stripes of the helter skleter, deck chairs and beach huts.? The golden sand that I spent hours building castles from and the bright pink of the ice cream and candy floss.

This is a customised Munny and the Icecream-ling is removable.? It can swap with any of the miniature world sets.

All hand sculpted and painted.

This one of a kind piece is available here:

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Design, story and images are fully copyright protected. ? Taylored Curiosities