VIP Lush Event

I was super excited to be invited to a VIP event at Lush Portsmouth recently.? They have been closed for a complete makeover and were having a VIP evening before their official re-opening the next day.

It was brilliant!? We were handed a glass of prosecco upon arrival and there were vegan treats being brought around during the evening.? The new design and layout of the store is really eye-catching and I loved that each type of product had it’s own dedicated section.

There was a whole section dedicated to the new arrivals like the golden eggs, sheep that smell like Parma-violets and the fabulous carrot soaps.? The new bath bomb editions are divine and there were various bowls of swirling, sparkling water that you could plunge your hands in to; reminding me of Diagon Alley.

Plenty of experts were on hand to explain any product and give demonstrations of how to use them and get the best results.? I had some great advice and was able to have personalised recommendations of which products would work best for me.

I purchased a few products.? The first being a gorgeous smelling massage bar.? I have very dry skin at the moment, which is unusual for me, so I haven’t had much luck with the moisturisers I’ve tried.? This massage bar was demonstrated by a really helpful lady and the smell had me sold.

It’s called the ‘Therapy’ massage bar and is made of cocoa and Shea butter, lavender, neroli and sweet wild orange oils.? The smell is extremely calming and the bar looks like a soap, but you simply rub it on to your skin and the warmth from your body melts the oils slowly.? You end up covered in a nice layer of non sticky oil and the results are really lovely.? My skin has improved in just one week.? Find out more and order one here:

Another product I bought is the ‘Rehab’ shampoo.

A mix of papaya, kiwi, olive oil and mango means it strips excess oil (perfect from my hair) but doesn’t take away that essential oil needed for a nice scalp.? It smells amazing and has made my hair feel like it has jumped back to life.? I tend to use Herbal Essences usually, which smell lovely, but don’t always leave my hair exactly how I’d like it.? This seems to do the job.? I’d definitely recommend this product for anyone with naturally oily hair but dry, broken ends.? To read more and buy your own click here:

To complete my hair care, I was recommended the ‘Big’ conditioner bar.

I wasn’t sure about this, but the lady showed me how well it lathered up and with natural sea salt to add body to my hair, I decided to give it a go.? I use salt sprays normally, so thought this might be a nicer alternative.? I can’t get this to lather very well, so can only ever get a tiny bit of product off of the bar, which is a real shame as it smells delicious and does definitely leave my hair feeling bigger and better.? I’m going to stick with it and see if a few more washes gets it bubbling up a bit more.? I may try the bottled version next time, but of the same product as I want these results more often.? If you want to give one a go, click here:

On the way out we were handed bags of free products (which is always going to put a smile on peoples faces).? In mine I had Chocolate Lip Scrub, Wash Behind Your Ears shower gel and a Which Came First bath bomb.? The lip scrub goes everywhere with me now.? You only need a teeny bit and all of the dry skin on your lips has gone, leaving you ready to gloss and go!? The shower gel smells very strongly of chocolate orange and makes you temporarily look like an Oompa Loompa, leaving you thoroughly cleaned!? I am saving the bath bomb as I only have an eco bath, which isn’t deep enough to have a soothing soak in, so when I visit my dad next week I will take it with me.? I can smell it through the bag though, it is calling to me…

The evening was a complete success and I had such a good time.? Everyone commented at work the next day that I seemed to be glowing and looked really healthy.? That’s all thanks to a host of new Lush products!? Get yourself down to Lush Portsmouth (in Cascades Shopping Centre) to see the new layout and to bring some good smells and relaxation in to your life!