Walking in the woods

I love walking in the woods.? On a friday afternoon I want nothing more than to escape for a while and walk in the woods.? This is my relaxation time where I breathe nothing but fresh air and feel closer to nature.


And of course, I can’t visit a forest without collecting some trinkets for my art.? Look at these teeny pinecones.? They’re so cute.


After a lovely, long walk, we ventured in to the nearby town and found a gorgeous restaurant overlooking the harbour to get some dinner in.


I have grown up by the sea and seafood to me is heaven.? So moules mariniere is right up my street.? This was delicious!


Back at home I had a look at all the lovelies I had collected from the forest and a little, autumn Tea Bunny jumped in for a quick photo.? He fit’s perfectly in the acorn cups I found!