We still believe!

I have finally caught up on the new X-Files TV series! I am UK based so watch it on Channel 5 (on demand, which is a clever doo-dad that lets me watch things whenever I want to without having to press record; very exciting).

I LOVED the first new episode!!! Yes, yes, yes! It had it all.? Alien babies, conspiracies, alien crafts, top secret secrets and Mulder and Scully of course! Episode two was not as good, but still had a decent amount of alien stuff.? But the next episode (that’s as far as we have gone in the UK) was a bit pants.? I like the underlying storyline, the 20 year long conspiracy that Mulder has been dying to uncover.? The secrets.? The hints.? The meeting on dark corners in trench coats to hand over classified documents.? I don’t like filler episodes.

Worry and the new Muju Owl wanted to watch it with me.? They let baby Worry stay up extra late to join us and we made sweet AND salted popcorn as they couldn’t decide.? They insisted on wearing their ‘no alien’ hats (something they came up with; personally I think they’re loopy).? We are definitley enjoying having X-files back on the TV.? And we’ve been watching it all from the start again on Amazon Prime (another clever technology thingy-bob that lets you watch TV series and films without using DVD’s).

Have you been watching?? Are you a fan?? Don’t tell us any spoilers will you (that would make us really sad) but do share if you are an X-files fan too…

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