West Dean Sculpture Trip

A colleague of mine, who lives near West Dean Gardens, told me about some really interesting sculptures that had been installed recently and said that the paper sculptures and ‘learning pod’ designs we were doing reminded him of them.? So we arranged a trip to go and see them and I am so glad that we did.

We started with a tour of the house (thanks to that fabulous colleague of mine and his connections) and the Dali lobster phone had just returned from a tour, so we got to see it up close.? The year 10 students loved it and said it is as random as I am – which I choose to take as a compliment 🙂

The sculptures themselves are spread around the grounds and are MUCH bigger than we’d thought they’d be.? The students sat and sketched them and found so much inspiration….. I would highly recommend this as a place for any art groups to visit.? There was such a calming presence to the place and lots of artists working on canvases who chatted to us about what was inspiring them.

It was an inspiring day for myself and my colleague as well.? Not only for our own wellbeing, to be in such a calm and tranquil place, but also to see the students so engaged and inspired.? They spent hours sat, sketching different shapes and taking photos of natural forms.