‘White Noise’ 2020

Many people struggle to sleep.

Be it due to anxiety and every day stresses or more trauma based reasons. Some of us remain in a state of fight or flight due to past traumas and learned reactions.

Sleep does not come easy to many humans.

Sometimes you manage to fall asleep only to be exhausted by vivid dreams.
You wake to feel worse than before and even more in need of sleep. Re-training our brains to work through this is not an easy task.

The lockdown experience and our ‘new normal’ caused many changes within us and some learnt to enjoy the relaxation time and slower pace of life.
Others struggled with this.

In a moment of epiphany I found my new mantra – “I was never the problem”.

What a realisation my subconscious brain must have had in that moment (whilst reading ‘The Celestine Prophecy’, a book one of my Psychology students recommended).
Something deep down I had always known, but was programmed to believe otherwise by years of conditioning and gas lighting.

Brain training alone was not easy and the thing I found that what really cinched this for me was white noise. I feel a little more rested than usual. My resilience is stronger and I am able to block out the things that used to really sting my heart.

​White noise may help you too.