Worry Beans

Worry Beans don?t want you to worry anymore.
They don?t want you to feel alone.
Whisper your worries to them so they can do all the worrying for you and you can relax with a worry free mind.

Jelly Belly?s have always been one of my favourite sweets. Maybe because they?re cute, or because they taste so nice, but mostly because every year I would get Jelly Belly?s in my Christmas stocking; always in my favourite flavours. So they are quite nostalgic for me.? These come in ‘peach’ or ‘juicy pear’ colours.

Samhain is a time for new beginnings and cleansing. The Worry Beans know how cathartic this can be, especially if you?ve had a really stressful year.
They?ve picked out the loveliest smudge sticks, bound with purple twine, to share this cleansing action with you.
On a piece of paper, write your intentions for the new year. Fold it up and burn it. Now light the end of your smudge stick so that it is smoking like incense and whilst wafting it?s cleaning smoke over you (from head to foot and back again) say:
?Into this smoke I banish all negativity,
All feelings that do not benefit me,
All fears that held me back.
I attract positive light,
Fill me with the strength to fight,
Help my life get back on track.?
The Worry Beans have been collecting the healthiest looking acorns they can find and are excited to help you grow your very own oak tree. They often worry about the environment and I was telling them how one tree can provide enough oxygen for two adults; this was their way to help others worry less about climate change.
How to plant your acorn:
Fill a pot half way with compost.
Place the acorn on top of the compost, on its side.
Add another layer of compost on top, about an inch thick.
Place the pot outside in a nice sunny spot.
Due to the handmade nature of this item, no two will ever be identical; adding to the charm and personality of each Worry Bean.
Worry Beans design, story and images are fully copyright protected. ? Taylored Curiosities